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About the Graduate Commons Program



The Graduate Commons Program (GCP) is the primary programming office with Harvard University Housing (HUH). We seek to model community building, extended learning, service, cross-collaboration, and networking among HUH residents.


We invite you to participate in our Welcome Season - "Moving Forward - Back to the (New)Future" - 2021 events and programs - scheduled August 21st-October 1st- aimed at supporting our community's wellbeing and provide avenues for virtual and in person social engagement.


Welcome Season  2021 hopes to assist all HUH residents (Spouse/Partners, children, families, Postdoctoral Scholars, Staff, Students, Faculty, etc.) to...

  1. Connect with the Graduate Commons Program (Community Advisors, Family Programming Community Advisors, Faculty Directors, and Professional Staff Members), Harvard Housing, and Harvard University resources.

  2. Acclimate to the Cambridge/Boston area and surrounding neighborhoods.

  3. Activate outdoor and virtual spaces to promote resident engagement, collaboration, and Inclusivity.

The official calendar will include Virtual Events & In-Person Programs for all residents, including Family-Focused Programming, Faculty-Led Events & and a new Fall Kick-back Series! You don't want to miss this amazing series of events. Stay connected with us as we bring in the new semester, and be sure to join us as we "Revive our Connections" for Welcome Season 2021: Back to the (New) Future!

Explore the Welcome Season website and the GCP event calendar to learn more about Welcome Season 2020 & community resources. And Register for upcoming events!


Join us, and together, we can MOVE FORWARD!

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